list-o-research in games of education

Mainly peer-reviewed, journaled research articles to help you make your case. Also some suggestions based on real-world experience.
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I hate link rot. I had all these great games in education research links, and now 90% are defunct. Whenever I can, I upload the PDF’s directly to my server so the information can be easily found.

I’m now re-writing my research in games in education list. Everything will be stored locally - with links back to the source, of course. If I am breaking some obligation or license agreement, please contact me and I will be happy to remove the offending PDF or change the link so it complies with your license agreement.

That being said, here’s my current list of great research in games in education:

The use of computer games as an educational tool: identification of appropriate game types and game elements
APA: Playing Video Games Offers Learning Across Lifespan, Say Studies
Computer Games as a Part of Children’s Culture
The Learning Game
Why Are Video Games Good For Learning?
Changing the Game:
What Happens When Video Games Enter the Classroom?

Epistemic frames for epistemic games
Video games and the future of learning
What Can K-12 School Leaders Learn from Video Games and Gaming?
Games Development
Kirriemuir on games
Turkish Prospective Teachers’ Perceptions Regarding the Use of Computer Games with Educational Features
Women and games
Prospective Teachers
Summit on Educational Games
Games, Cookies, and the Future of Education
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