Balanced Gaming

Computer games are fun, exciting and entertaining.

I think many people enjoy these games responsibly. Many adults play video games and many of them have a healthy relationship with these games.

However. There is something about computer and video games that we should be careful of. It is easy to hide from "real life" in these games. It is easy to become a little confused about real relationships versus virtual relationships. It is easy to think virtual worlds are real. They aren't.

This site is dedicated to helping people find balance in their lives.

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Our job is to guide, support and help our children make good choices. A lack of understanding of computer games doesn't change anything about helping them.

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It's a golden age of computer games. As soon as playing a game is more about hiding than enjoying a game, you should stop and think.

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There is a place for games in learning, but it requires careful planning and management (more so than other instructional strategies).

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